Cold water conserves energy. Colder water increases product output. Colder water creates profits.

The major area of profit to analyze is the utilization of the cold water. In the refrigeration/air-conditioning system, the colder the water, the less energy is required to power the equipment. A 1°F colder water returned to the condensers in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment calculates to a 3% saving in the electrical energy input to these machines. In chemical product manufacturing plants, the colder the water, the more efficient the condensation and the greater the volume of saleable condensate product yielded for the plant at lower cost.  In power plants, colder water reduces the electrical generation penalty [the cost of electricity used in the process of producing saleable or usable power].

The second area of profit to consider is the electrical and/or steam rupee expenditure, which is purchased to power the systems. The cooling tower is a high-energy utilization machine as well as a mass and heat transfer device.


Not only do we realize the importance of that one-degree of temperature drop but we also have the expertise to provide you with such a cooling tower that can deliver to you that profit potential.

We have built cooling towers for as low an approach [cold water temperature – wet-bulb temperature] as 3 °F. With a Jalal cooling tower installation, you will get exactly the type of performance you expect. Guaranteed.

We can also help you with cooling tower thermal performance testing, cooling tower inspections, and cooling tower optimization and capability enhancement.


Over the years we have manufactured a broad variety of fans –propeller and axial fans, tubular centrifugal fans, radial tipped fans, backward-inclined and forward-curved fans- covering an exceptionally wide range of duties. They have a reputation for reliability and effective design –incorporating maximum trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance.

Much of our time is devoted to special applications. We have developed high-pressure multistage blowers up to 166 inch of WC static pressure. In our large industrial cooling towers we use 14 feet diameter propeller fans –with adjustable-pitch, hollow, joint-less, airfoil GRP blades- which deliver over 250,000 CFM of air.  Recently, we have developed 4-inch diameter high-efficiency multiple-cyclones to collect dust particles as small as 5-10 microns.


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